Acumer™ 4300

Superior scale inhibitor and dispersant for calcium carbonate and sulfate control in water systems


Acumer 4300 is a superior scale inhibitor, specifically formulated to prevent both calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate salt deposits in water systems. This product, a maleic multipolymer, will also prevent the formation of other scales such as calcium oxalate and will disperse colloids and fine particles such as clay.


  • Performs in high alkalinity/hardness and high total dissolved solids systems
  • Performs in high and low pH water systems
  • Enhances inhibition properties in blends with high performance dispersant polymers
  • Highly effective on a variety of foulants and scale formers (calcium oxalate, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and silt)

Typical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Appearance Clear solution to slightly hazy liquid
Type Maleic Multipolymer
Molecular Weight1 2000
Total Solids (%) 50
Viscosity, as is, mPa.s/cps 2 400-1200
Active Solids (%) 36.5
pH 7

1 Mw is measured by aqueous GPC and reported as acid form

2 Brookfield LV, Spindle #2, 12 rpm, 25°C

*These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.


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