Acumer™ 4161

Scale Inhibitor and Dispersant for Water Treatment


Acumer 4161 is a phosphinopolycarboxylic acid that has a unique balance of threshold inhibition and dispersancy. It is compatible with most microbiological control agents and is resistant to chlorine.

Advantages of Acumer 4161

  • Eliminates the need for phosphonates and acrylates in many formulations
  • Effective in both acid and alkaline papermaking systems
  • Compatible with commonly used boiler additives
  • Effectively disperses boiler sludge components
  • Excellent hydrothermal stability
  • Good scale control agent for calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate
  • Effectively disperses particulate matter such as silt and clay

Used In Water Treatment

  • Cooling Water
  • Boiling Water
  • Pulp and paper

Typical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.

Appearance Clear solution to slightly hazy
pH 3.0-3.5
Total Solids (%) 50-52
Active Solids (%) 46-48
Molecular Weight 1 3300-3900
Specific Gravity 1 1.20-1.25
Density, lb/gal @ 25°C 10.0-10.4
Viscosity Brookfield (mPa.s/cps at 25°C) 500-2000

1 Measured by aqueous GPC and reported as acid form.


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