Intermediate Amines

photo_boilersCyclohexylamine is a neutralizing corrosion inhibitor that is effective in neutralizing carbonic acids in low pressure condensate systems where other amines are limited. A favorable liquid-vapor distribution ratio assures protection at the far ends of extensive systems.

Morpholine has a low steam distribution ratio best suited for high-pressure systems. Morpholine provides corrosion protection in steam plants and efficiently recycles steam back to boiler.

DEAE (Diethylaminoethanol) provides corrosion control in steam condensate systems in industrial and utility plants. It protects areas where condensate first forms. Suitable for use in low pressure and high.

The Facts about Neutralizing Amines in Steam Systems

Neutralizing Amines are added to steam systems to neutralize carbonic acid and raise the pH of the condensate. They are added in direct proportion to the amount of carbon dioxide in the steam. Excess amounts of neutralizing amines may be required to raise the condensate pH to the desired pH control range. Typically, a condensate pH of 7.4 – 9.0 provides effective protection in most systems. In systems that contain no copper or aluminum alloys, the higher pH values will improve mild steel corrosion control.




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