Tolcide® PS50A

THPS: Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Sulfate


Proprietary formulation based on Tetrakis (Hydroxymethyl) Phosphonium Sulphate (THPS), blended with a novel polymeric performance enhancer.


Appearance Pale yellow to pale pink liquid OSTM078
THPS Assay (%) (w/w) 49.0 — 51.0 OPTI103
Turbidity (NTU) 15 max. OSTM064

Typical Properties

Function Industrial biocidal product
Biodegradability Biodegradable
Freeze point (°C) < -10

Standard Applications

Tolcide® PS50A is a rapid acting, powerful microbiocide which has been designed to control bacteria in oilfield water-flood operations and production systems. It can be used to control reservoir souring in oilfields contaminated with sulphate reducing bacteria and alleviate production problems associated with iron sulphide deposition.

With a relatively low order of aquatic toxicity and being both biodegradable and non-bioaccumulative, Tolcide® PS50A is approved for use in many environmentally sensitive areas of the world, including the North Sea.

Tolcide PS50A is supplied as a liquid formulation which is non-foaming, fully miscible with water and insoluble in oils.


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